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How secure are the goods in your containers?

The issues facing the global supply chain for goods in transit are vast. An average of 11% of units arriving at distribution centres have shown to have experienced some level of damage. The financial losses, together with the negative impact to a companies reputation associated with such damage can be significant!

Mega Fortris have successfully supplied solutions to the food and beverage industry for decades and our products help to ensure the safe and secure movement of goods whilst in transit.

Dunnage Bags

Mega Fortris offer two types of dunnage bags for use by either air, ship or road. Both products are fitted with the Mega flow valve for optimal efficient inflation and are 100% recyclable.

The paper dunnage bags contain a plastic inner layer to assure air tightness even in high pressures. The woven polypropylene dunnage bags are designed for securing heavy duty cargo in shipment and have an inner layer to assure air tightness in high pressures. The outer layer is highly resilient and resists most chemical solvents, bases and acids meaning it is the ideal storage bag for all precious or fragile goods.

Both bags act to reduce the physical stress caused by movement of the products in transit and can consequently reduce the direct and indirect costs associated with breakages/damage.

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Cordless-Dunnage-Bag-Inflator batteries and charger

Cordless Dunnage bag inflation tool

Mega Fortris also provides solutions for inflation through a cordless inflation tool. This offers several advantages such as the ability to inflate a dunnage bag without needing compressors or compressed air lines. The lightweight ergonomic tool weighs less than 1.9kg, including the battery.

This gives you ease of use with the simple connection nozzle that eliminates health and safety issues associated with the use of compressed air. Additionally, it reduces costs and time requirements by not having to install the compressors. The battery allows for 3 hours of continuous usage in optimal conditions and a fast charging time of less than 2 hours. The inflators are supplied with two batteries which vastly improve efficiency and assist with ensuring the safety of both goods and staff.

Desiccant Bags/Poles

Desiccant bags/poles provide protection for climate-based hazards to packages, such as excess moisture in containers that can damage or effect the quality of the products. This is particularly relevant in the food and beverage industry.

Desiccant bags/poles can play an essential role controlling the internal environment of containers, ensuring that products arrive in the same conditions as they left. Absorbing the excess moisture stops packaging getting damaged, peeling labels, mould and mildew. Application can be done through hooking to lashing points in the container or by simply placing them on top of the goods

Absorpole Container Desiccant Pole

Mega Fortris offer a range of solutions designed to combat and eliminate the risks involved in the transit of goods. Food and beverages in particular can face considerable risks which can ultimately affect quality on arrival, and potentially compromising the relevant consumers standards. Let us help you take full control of your goods in transit from start to finish!