When is Green Strap not “Green”?

Organisations have been known to go into competitive wars with each other to ensure they are just better, bigger and stronger than their opponent in all fields of business. This doesn’t just include the general sales and branding and profits; this competitive war is also taken into the more serious areas such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), or becoming a more Greener business overall.

Now we know what you guys must be thinking, “well it’s a good thing that businesses are competing for which organisation is greener or which one is doing more for the local community”. We agree that it’s good to be doing these things. However we are just here to highlight the fact that though organisations are doing a good thing by becoming greener they are forgetting to become greener in all departments of the organisation.

What we mean by this is that though organisations are cutting down on the use of paper and are investing technology into becoming more environmentally friendly with more waste being recycled and less use of natural resources; they forget this kind of innovation can be implemented across all processes.

One aspect which is always a touchy topic for organisations is the transportation and the materials used for delivering goods. This is where Fortris Load Secure would like to introduce a new product which all organisations transporting goods will use, no matter what product or services they provide.

Furthermore we can guarantee that more than half of the readers will not have thought of this product when they consider becoming green. Fortris Load Secure would like to introduce the Green Performance Strapping; (for those of you unsure about what we mean, strapping is used to secure goods during transit to ensure the goods are supplied safely).

Fortris Load Secure are now able to supply strapping made of recycled raw materials making the strap itself 100% recyclable. This Green Strapping is manufactured using the new HSS Process coupled with a cutting-edge surface finishing method, significantly reduces the weight of the strapping while leaving its dimensions and maximum tensile strength unchanged.

Extruded Ployester Strapping application image
Extruded Ployester Strap

Extruded Polyester Strap

PET Extruded Polyester Strapping is the safe and economical alternative to steel strapping or banding systems. Extruded Polyester Strapping, abbreviated to PET strapping (polyethylene terephthalate) is used in heavy duty applications demanding high tensile strength and fast application by the installer. Twice as strong as polypropylene strapping and as strong as steel banding, PET Strap is capable of withstanding and retaining a much higher tension on rigid loads. Typical PET extruded polyester strapping applications include bricks, timber, and textiles.

Fortris Green Performance Strap has been known to generate substantially less waste per meter of strapping:
• It has lower weight of strapping, and therefore lower coil weight, as compared to commercially available standard products.
• It has lighter sleeves
• Less packaging material
• Made of recycled material – making it 100% recyclable
• Greater transport efficiency – (Less CO2), as it is possible to put more metres on coils and pallets.
• Environmentally friendly energy recovery – in the in-house biomass power plant.

Cost Effective Strapping

Fortris Green Strap is very cost effective and easy handling:

• Attractive price per metres of strapping
• Less waste and thus lower disposal charges
• Better utilisation of cargo and storage space due to optimised strap length per coil
• Lower coil weight (about 20kg) and 1-2 strap technology; makes strap changes safe and easy

Fortris Green Strap Sets New Standards for Green Performance:
• An innovation production technology (HSS Process) helps reduce the weight of strapping by 10-15% without altering its dimensions and maximum tensile strength.
• Significant reduction of packaging waste, and enhanced transport efficiency.

Furthermore a study carried out by an independent researcher shows that an innovative production technology, in combination with an innovative surface finishing method, result in an environmentally benign strapping product which in terms of CO2, water and air emissions. But also in terms of generated waste, brings benefits for the environment, compared to other straps. Throughout its entire lifecycle Fortris Green Performance helps save 4.5kg of CO2 per coil compared to conventional strapping.

In essence for companies to become greener they don’t need to invest millions into research and development, just smaller changes like this can have a big impact as organisations like ourselves do the research for you. It’s a no brainer.

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