Polyester Composite Strap

Item Belt Width Linear System Meter p.Coil
FLS60KF 19mm 380 daN 610 daN 700
FL40KF 13mm 300 daN 480 daN 1100
FL50KF 16mm 425 daN 680 daN 850
FL60KF 19mm 475 daN 760 daN 600
FL65KF 19mm 625 daN 1000 daN 500
FL85KF 25mm 785 daN 1260 daN 500
FL105KF8 32mm 1500 daN 2400 daN 300


Polyester Composite Strap

Fortris Composite Strapping is outstanding due to its excellent material characteristics. The core of our composite strapping is made of untwisted polyester yarn. This type of strapping achieves higher strength and lower elongation. The special recipe of our polypropylene coating ensures an optimal compound with the polyester fibers and is at the same time resistant to most chemical solvents, bases and acids.

Composite Cord Straps

Our polyester composite cord strap is available with a width of 13 mm and a traction force of 300 daN linear / 575 daN within a system up to a width of 32 mm and a traction force of 1.500 daN linear / 2600 daN within a system. Due to its high abrasion protection it is well-suited for products with rough surfaces and edges. Our composite strapping bands are spooled on a 200 mm pivotal.

Fortris Polyester Composite Strapping Features:

• As strong as steel
• No sharp edges that could damage your products
• Cannot rust or rot
• Resistant to all weather conditions and UV
• High capacity to absorb shocks during transport, high retained tension due to its elastic elongation and memory even on contacting packages
• Fast and easy to handle
• High cross-directional strength

Also known as Composite Cord Strap, Composite Strap, Composite Strapping, Plastic strap, Polyester Composite Strap.

Weather Resistant

Our Polyester Composite Strapping is coated in Polypropylene, meaning it will last longer in wet conditions compared to steel banding. This special coating allows our Composite Cord Straps to be used in securing Chemical Goods.

Composite Strap Can Be Used With:

Galvanised Steel Wire Buckles
Fortris Tensioner
Fortris Mobile & Static Dispenser

Additional information

Buckle Size

13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm

Strap Width (mm)

13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm

Linear Strength (daN)

1500 daN, 300 daN, 380 daN, 425 daN, 475 daN, 625 daN, 785 daN

System Strength (daN)

1000 daN, 1260 daN, 2400 daN, 480 daN, 610 daN, 680 daN, 760 daN

Length Per Coil (metres)

1100m, 300m, 500m, 600m, 700, 850m


Application Use:

  • Timber
  • Chemical
  • Scaffolding
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing

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