Quattro Strap

Since the lasted revision of the IMO guidelines the max. force which should be applied to the lower container lashing point is 1000KG and just 500KG to the upper point.

Using two sides, gives a max. strength of 3 tons.
By using 4 instead of 2 lashing points on each side of the container we can reach a much higher securing force.



Quattro Strap

The main benefits of Quattro Strap are:

  1. It uses a total of 8 lashing points per set. The lashing points are the weakest link when doing lashing as they can only hold 0.5 or 1 tonne per point. The fact that Quattro divides the tension over more points means it can hold more weight/tension. Using the N3 or N5s etc is quick, but that system only uses 4 points instead of 8.
  2. Its extremely cheap, especially compared to floor or corner lashing. There is no expensive metal hooks or metal pieces.
  3. Going through the IMO CTU manual you will find this on page 104. As you can see it shows the lashing being done by 4 lashing points per side, just like our system: