Cordless Dunnage Bag Inflation Tool

Finally, after much anticipation and demand from our customers, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest product the new portable Mega Fortris Dunnage Bag Inflation device. This cordless tool allows the dunnage bags to be inflated without the use of compressors and compressed air lines.

This Eliminates any of the health and safety concerns when using compressed air, reducing cost and time constraints associated with the installation of plant air and compressors to inflate dunnage bags. Now the warehouse can be up and running using dunnage bags within minutes rather than weeks. It also provides a great back up to existing plant air and gives versatility of loading location so different loading bays can be used if required.

The compact inflator utilises the latest Dewalt technology and with the ergonomic comfort grip handle and durable lightweight design (less than 1.9kg including battery) allows the dunnage bags to be inflated quickly with the simple connection nozzle.

One of the most striking things about Dewalt 18v 5Ah Li-ion batteries is how lightweight they are. For such a long-lasting battery pack, you would expect them to add considerable weight to the inflator, but the added bulk seems to barely register. The dunnage bag inflator is supplied with 2 Dewalt 18v xr batteries meaning that you could potentially take care of all your needs with one on charge and the other in use. The fast Charging time (normally less than 2 hours) and the longevity of the 5-amp battery should allow at least 3 hours of continuous usage in optimal conditions. This means you can get a serious amount of loads secured.

The inflator includes 2 Dewalt 18v 5Ah Li-ion batteries and charger.

  • Weight 1.9kg including Battery
  • Airflow volume 168m3/hr
  • Airflow Speed 179mph
  • Sound Level 85db
  • Vibration Level 1.5m/s2
  • 1 year Guarantee
  • 3 Speed Switch and Variable Trigger
  • Brushless Motor
  • Cordless