AbsorGel Hanging X

AbsorGel Hanging is based on the proven ability of calcium chloride to aggressively remove moisture from the air. The absorbed water is bound into a gel so no liquid water is formed, which eliminates the risk of leakage. AbsorGel Hanging is easy to use and designed to occupy minimal container space with full functionality.


How AbsorGel Hanging works

AbsorGel Hanging starts working as soon as it is removed from its transparent sealed packaging.

It is easy to install and remove with our AbsorHook System. No ladder is needed, and you will save time, effort and money.

It can hang within the corrugated recess of container side panels. The calcium chloride absorbs moisture from the surrounding air that passes through the outer breathable packaging material. AbsorGel Hanging’s viscous gel ensures absorbed moisture stays in the product.

AbsorGel Hanging is fitted with a AbsorHook and adhesive pads to keep it securely in place.

Absorgel Hanging can be used for any type of cargo and only needs 25 mm between the cargo and the AbsorGel Hanging. It works in all type of containers.

General Dimensions

Container Size Short Distance, ~30 Days Long Distance, ~60 Days
Dry Goods Wet Goods Dry Goods Wet Goods
20 ft 6/12 8/16 8/16 10/20
40 ft 10/20 12/24 12/24 14/28

Installation simplicity

Our products are easy to use and each product is accompanied with assembly instructions.


Our products are intended for single-use and can be disposed as regular waste. The calcium chloride (and gelling agent) are non-toxic and the polypropylene (PP) plastic is recyclable.

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Technical Specification

Description Desiccant agent Weight, kg Desiccant Agent Permeable material Printing on COO

(Country Of Origin)

Installation Device Packing Information
AbsorHook Grommets Adhesive pad



Gross weight

Dim LxWxH mm



Gross weight

Dim LxWxH mm

AbsorGel Hanging-X 0,5 0,5 CaCI2 / Starch Tyvek Front SE Short 1*

18 pcs

10,2 kg

478 x 296 x 233

576 pcs

326 kg

1 100 x 1 100

AbsorGel Hanging-X 1,0 1,0 CaCI2 / Starch Tyvek Front SE Long 2* 10 pcs

11,3 kg

478 x 296 x 233

320 pcs

361 kg

1 100 x 1 100