Woven Lashing – As Strong as Steel

Woven Lashing straps are an economic and easy to handle alternative for conventional tension belts and/or complex wooden crates for load securing. The use of lashing is steadily increasing as a method for load securing on flatracks and in containers. Lashing helps to replace expensive multi-way straps and to support and replace complex wooden crates.

During transportation, acceleration, braking, centrifugal and vertical act on the load. A prerequisite for safe transport is a suitable CCU with the appropriate structure and necessary load lashing devices. The task of load lashing is to secure the load against the effect of these forces to prevent slipping, tipping or falling.

Lashing arrangements must be made up using appropriately rated and certified materials e.g. woven cord-lash or ratchet binding straps. Wooden dunnage or similar material should only be used after a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment has been completed and only ever in association with certified lashing material. Total certified capacity of the lashing arrangements should be greater than the weight of the items being secured. Lashings should be equally distributed across the item.

woven lashing

woven - lashing