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Stretch wrap (also known as stretch film) is a strong plastic film that is easily stretched around items, especially items on a pallet. The elastic recovery of the wrap means that it keeps the items tightly bound and is perfect at keeping pallet items stable and to create unit loads.

Pallet Wrap is easily applied either by hand or with our hand-held dispenser; the wrap adheres to itself once it is wrapped around the pallet or around goods and protects the goods against dust and weather and will retain its tension whilst in transit.

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Pallet Wrap Grade

17 Micron, 20 Micron, 23 Micron

Pallet Wrap Colour

Black, Clear

Pallet Wrap Core

Extended, Standard


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Pallet Wrap or Stretch Wrap is a stretchable plastic film usually wrapped around various items to bundle them together. It is frequently used to band together loads on a pallet, on the other hand it can also be used to tightly bond smaller items. The Stretch Wrap aims to stabilise loads on a pallet providing Load Securing and Load Protection. The Stretch Wrap is usually wrapped in two main methods, the Vertical Development and the Horizontal Development, each providing great load securing for pallet loads.