Woven Lashing

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Woven Lashing straps are an economic and easy to handle alternative for conventional tension belts and/or complex wooden crates for load securing. The use of lashing is steadily increasing as a method for load securing on flatracks and in containers. Lashing helps to replace expensive multi-way straps and to support and replace complex wooden crates.

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25mmX500m, 32mmX250m, 38mmX200m, 40mmX200m


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Woven Lashing

Furthermore lashing straps are utilized to tie bulky goods together and to fix them on suitable carriers. In combination with our GWS fasteners and using appropriate ratches, reliable connections between product and carrier can be established, serving to protect your goods against all damages during transport.
Best results are often gained in combination with other products for load securing. Thus edge protectors protect lashing straps against sharp edges just like the Dunnage Bags which prevent products from moving inside the container. Our lashing straps are delivered in a carrying bag with guiding hole, handy and space-saving.

It is important to ensure the lashing strap provides efficient restraint to the cargo, the following procedure should be conducted to achieve this:
Calculate the required number of lashings to prevent sliding
Calculate the required number of lashings to prevent tipping
The largest number of the above is selected.
Even if there is neither sliding nor tipping risk, it is recommended to always use at least one lashing piece per every 4 ton of cargo or similar arrangement to avoid wandering for non-blocked cargo due to vibrations.
If you need any assistance with this please call us now on 01543 677256/7 and our load securing professionals will be happy to assist you.