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Removal Blankets provide entire protection to all types of furniture in transport and storage.

The removal blankets are flexible so can be wrapped around any shape of furniture, content to ensure full protection. Our blankets can be re used many times over and over again as they can be washed, and they are a tough and dependable protection solution.

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Fortris Load Secure offers the highest quality transit blankets on the market for a competitive price. When purchasing a transit blanket, there are three factors you should consider: weight, binding, and fiber type.

A factor that makes that a big difference is the thickness of the blanket. A moving blanket can be used by just about anyone. Furniture stores, movers, and others all use a moving blanket to protect furniture.

These super durable transit blankets weigh approx 1 kg each and the blankets are stitch bonded with an over lock stitch for maximum protection and durability. These removal blankets can be used over and over again.

This is absolutely the best professional transit blanket on the market available to you.
It is better to be safe than sorry when moving.