Fortris Strapping has been awarded 5 Star Rating for it's High Quality.

Fortris Composite Strap is available with a width of 13 mm and a traction force of 300 daN linear / 575 daN within a system up to a width of 32 mm and a traction force of 1.500 daN linear / 2600 daN within a system.

Extruded polyester is a modern alternative to steel strapping. This strapping is ideal for all your heavier duty applications as it is twice as strong as polypropylene strapping.

Corded Polyester Bale Strapping is a strong, safe material specifically designed to fit in to a baling machine or waste compactor to secure compressed baled waste materials.

Fortris Woven Strapping complies to International Standards from Germanischer Lloyd, making it Fortris Load Secures recommended alternative to steel banding.

Hot Melt Straps by Fortris Load Secure has been proven for decades in the formation of loading units in many application areas. Fortris Hot Melt Strap is characterized by a low elasticity and high tensile strength.

Coloured Strapping solutions by Fortris Load Secure is used in busy packing departments, warehouses and distribution centres for strapping bundles, parcels, pallet strapping, cardboard boxes and a host of other load securing strapping applications.

Fortris Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping is a popular method of strapping and securing heavy, sharp edged or irregular loads. The steel strap is wound so that each layer of strapping is wound directly over the one below.

Oscillated Steel Strapping is used for securing heavy, bulky and sharp edged goods for shipment via heavy transport and sea freight.

Polypropylene straps can be used for a number of applications, the most common use for Polypropylene strap is for bundling, stabilising, preventing breakage in transit, and security whilst minimising additional package weight.

Fortris Load Secure provides an extensive range of 25mm 35mm and 50mm Cam Buckle Straps. We offer a variety of cam buckles, end fittings and different coloured webbings.

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Fortris Load Secure is a manufacturer and supplier of strapping. Strapping is used for the secure transportation of cargo in supply containers, such as cartons or boxes or pallets. Strapping is as strong as conventional steel banding methods and is highly efficient. Once the strapping has been placed around the goods it is then sealed or clamped by a tensioner.

Polyester Composite Strap

Polyester Composite Strapping is outstanding due to its excellent material characteristics. The core of our composite strapping is made of untwisted polyester yarn. This type of strapping achieves higher strength and lower elongation. The special recipe of our polypropylene coating ensures an optimal compound with the polyester fibers and is at the same time resistant to most chemical solvents, bases and acids.

Woven Polyester Strap

Woven Strapping is the perfect alternative to steel banding, our woven polyester strap offers many benefits. Firstly, it is much better at retaining any applied tension over long periods of time and is less susceptible to tension relaxation, caused by variations in ambient temperature. Woven polyester strapping also remains tighter than other steel strapping systems on loads that contract or become compressed.

Hot Melt Strap

Hot Melt Strapping can be used for the Chemical Industry, Palletization, Engineering, Container Shipping and Pallet Shipping.

Steel Strapping

Steel is the oldest and highest tensile strength strapping. It is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses.