FLS73 Battery-Powered Strapping Tools

FLS 73 for light duty application / 9–13 mm

The FLS 73 Battery-operated hand tool is a light duty tensioning tool for light duty plastic strapping applications. This tool can be used with plastic strap widths 9-13 mm.

The FLS 73 battery-operated hand tools are commonly used for the strapping of packaged items such as packages, pallet loads etc. The tools are intended for strapping with plastic packaging straps (polypropylene and polyester).



Battery Powered Strapping Tools For Plastic Strapping

Industry proven high quality tool
• Protective design
• Lightweight and perfectly balanced
• Real time indication of applied tension force
• E-controlled strapping process
• Strap alignment indication
• Variable tension speed controlled by finger pressure
• Digital user interface with touch pad adjustment
• Favourite strapping function