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Safely Transport your Scaffold Equipment

Scaffolding industry has seen a major growth in the recent years with the government and large organisations throwing millions of pounds into the construction industry with scaffolding playing a big role in most construction sites. Most organisations spend thousands of pounds in building these temporary structures to ensure solid structures are developed may it be offices, warehouses, retail parks, shopping malls or as simple as houses. Scaffolding equipment is probably one of the very few types of equipment to be transported from one site to the next without seeing its home base for a while. Due to the high demand in scaffolds for the construction industry most of the times the scaffolding equipment will be leased to one organisation. Then as the lease finishes it will go directly from one site to another. Making scaffold equipment one of the most transported equipment within the construction industry.

However it is essential to ensure all the equipment is transported safely as a mishap in transportation of scaffolding equipment can cause devastating damage to the transporter and other road users. It is essential to secure the equipment with the best Load securing solutions to ensure these mishaps don’t occur.

At Fortris Load secure we have been working with scaffolding organisations for many years and understand their needs and have been providing them with the best solutions to ensure load safety.

Below are the most popular equipment used by scaffolding companies to transport the equipment:

Hot Melt Strap: Hot Melt Strapping provides high strength to hold the equipment in place allowing for safe transport of goods. The material is weather resistant and hardly absorbs moisture, providing protection to delicate surfaces from damage. It is also re-tensionable in volume losses in the packaged goods, and has a high linear and system breaking strength. Hot melt is known to be as strong and due to its material it will not rust providing a longer life of the strapping. Hot Melt Strapping is available in various colours.

Polyester Composite Strap: The core of our composite strapping is made of untwisted polyester yarn. This type of strapping achieves higher strength and lower elongation. Composite is known to be as strong as seal and due to its material it’s weather resistant. Composite strapping is known to be best suited for rough surfaced making an ideal choice for scaffolding equipment.

30Kg Fitting Bag – these bags are used to place equipment in to ensure they are protected through transportation. These bags can also be used to store scaffolding buckles or joints to ensure they are kept together and safe.

Woven sacks – The white one use sacks are used widely in the scaffolding industry to hold metal fittings for scaffolding, clips for the banding strapping, any ppe required for the job or essentially any sundry items required for the scaffolding job.

Fortris Load Secure have years of experience in Load Securing equipment for all industries, ask one of our expert team members for the right solution for you.

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