Polypropylene Strap

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Polypropylene straps can be used for a number of applications, the most common use for Polypropylene strap is for bundling, stabilising, preventing breakage in transit, and security whilst minimising additional package weight.

Polypropylene strap is manufactured to strict dimensional accuracy with precision winding, straightness and high tensile strength. Machine grade polypropylene is purpose-made for fully automated packaging lines.

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Polypropylene Strapping is commonly known as Poly Strap or Plastic Strap.

Benefits of Polypropylene Plastic Strapping

  • Security – Improved security and visual awareness of consignment tampering
  • Advertising – Enhanced presentation and brand identification of strapped loads
  • Distribution – Distinguish and code packages via visually striking strapping
  • Quality Control – Printed codes on plastic strapping provide fully traceability

Polypropylene Plastic Strapping – Features

  • Low density strap
  • Easily hand carried strapping – lightweight
  • High rigidity
  • Works on automatic strapping machines
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Strapping does not corrode, mark or rust
  • Thermoplastic re-melting
  • Recyclable plastic strapping system
  • Resistant to abrasion and ageing
  • Long life – will not damage strapped products under load
  • Black strapping is also resistant to UV degradation

Polypropylene strapping is supplied wound onto a cardboard or plastic core and is compatible with semi-automatic polypropylene strapping machines or manual tension tools and mobile strapping dispensers. Polypropylene strapping is recommended for load securing parcels, bundles, cardboard boxes, pallets and other general warehouse strapping applications. Used in commercial, retail and industrial packing departments, polypropylene strapping is a low cost and secure plastic packaging option.

Polypropylene strapping is ideal for easy to carry parcels, boxes and lighter pallet loads and is installed by hand strapping tools or automatic machine strapping tools. The high elongation properties of polypropylene strapping allow contraction around packages as they settle, keeping strapped loads secure in transit. Polypropylene strapping can be single colour or custom printed for brand identity, usage or security purposes.