Extruded Polyester Strap

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Extruded Polyester Strapping, abbreviated to PET strapping (polyethylene terephthalate.) Is the safe and economical alternative to steel strapping or banding systems. PET Strap is used in heavy duty applications that require a high tensile strength and fast application by the installer. This strap is twice as strong as polypropylene strapping and as strong as steel banding.

PET Strap is capable of withstanding and retaining a much higher tension on rigid loads. Typical PET strapping applications include bricks, timber, and textiles.

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Extruded Polyester Strapping, or PET Strap is another efficient load secure solution that has the same safety features as our composite strap and woven straps. It does not have sharp edges or present a whiplash hazard to the user. The features of PET straps also provide many additional benefits over other strapping products. PET strapping is lightweight, flexible, easy to handle, and will not rust (non-corrosive), scratch or stain strapping loads.