Coloured Hot Melt Strap

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Coloured strapping solutions by Fortris Load Secure is used in busy packing departments, warehouses and distribution centres for strapping bundles, parcels, pallet strapping, cardboard boxes and a host of other load securing strapping applications.

Coloured Strap is strong as steel strapping and retains higher tensioning over sustained periods without elongation. Steel strapping is still the strongest of all industrial strapping materials and is used when low elongation and high tensile strength is essential. At Fortris Load Secure we stock individual coils of coloured strapping, strapping tensioners and dispensers.

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Strap Width (mm)

13mm, 19mm

Strap Colour

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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Strap Size System Strength
13mmX1100m 380 daN
16mmX600m 575 daN
16mmX850m 400 daN
19mmX500m 560 daN
19mmX900m 497 daN

Hot Melt Strapping by Fortris Load Secure has been proven for decades in the formation of loading units in many application areas. Fortris Hot Melt Strapping is characterized by a low elasticity and high tensile strength. The material is weather resistant and hardly absorbs moisture, providing protection to delicate surfaces from damage. It is also restressable in volume losses in the packaged goods, and has a high linear and system breaking strength.
Hot Melt Strapping is available in widths from 13 millimeters to 32millimeters; our 13mm strap has a linear pulling force of 375 daN. Our 32mm hot melt has a linear pulling force of 1,350 daN. In addition, heavy-duty straps are available with a width of 19 millimeters and a linear pulling force of 925 daN up to a width of 38 millimeters and a linear pulling force of 2,000 daN.
Hot Melt Strapping structure bands like the ones supplied by Fortris Load Secure have been successfully applied for decades for forming loading units in many scopes. Our polyester strapping is outstanding due to its low elongation and high strength. Furthermore it can be retensioned in case of volume loss in packaged goods and has a high breaking load, linear and within a system.