Bulk Bag 1 Tonne

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Bulk Bags

Bulk bags are large heavy duty bags used for transporting free flowing dry products, scrap metal and various waste items that need to be transported in bulk safely. Bulk Bags are normally made from woven polypropylene with standard base dimensions of 85cm x 85cm x 85cm. Bulk bags typically hold 500kg up to 2000kg of product. They can be lifted by the 4 lifting loops attached to the bag or can be placed onto a pallet.

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Bulk bags are usually made from virgin polypropylene which is a petroleum based product, Polypropylene is made from extruded polypropylene resin which in turn is made from petroleum feedstock’s, so as oil rises in price so does the price of the raw materials.woven material the bag is not waterproof only water resistant, however the use of an internal liner works best in many typical applications thou this is still not 100% waterproof. The difference between using a coating/lamination or using a liner depends on the amount of moisture that you are trying to keep out of a product.
Our heavy duty bulk bags can be stored outdoors, however over time the material will degrade as a result of Ultra-Violet ray exposure. Our bulk bags are treated at the manufacturing stage with a uv inhibitor to resist uv rays for approximately 1500 hrs. Please note that uv rays vary in strength depending on time of year and where you are situated around the world.
For added security our bulk bags are traceable by unique numbers printed on the safety label on each bulk bag, these refer back to when and were the bulk bag has been manufactured in the event of a bulk bag malfunction.
We can offer customisation on Bulk bags, your company name can be printed, typically on 2 sides with 1 colour although it is down to customer requirements, we also have the capabilities to put on a company logo or picture if required. Please contact our office so we can discuss the options to match your requirements.